Sunday, October 08, 2006

saxophone forums on the net

One of the best sources of information for saxophonists is from several of the 'saxophone forums' that exist on the Web. You can ask any questions you have about the instrument and they are categorized so that searching the archives of previous posts is made easier. You'll need to register to post to them.

The biggest and in many ways the best. Veritable cornucopia of sax-related FAQs on many topics.
Saxophone Forum
New, uncrowded site - share 'n learn!
Cafe Saxophone
Friendly, useful forum for all ages and abilities of saxophonists - ring the doorbell and welcome!
Bob K's FAQ about sax
Bob has taken all of those SOTW postings and reduced them again to key answers. A huge compendium of FAQ about saxophone playing and the instrument in general.
Greg Vail's Pearls of Wisdom
Useful advice from a range of Greg's experiences as a pro saxophonist and clinician.


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