Monday, October 09, 2006

scales, licks, patterns and exercises

There are many sites out there with scale / chord and pattern exercises for you to print out. Here are some of the best.

Randy Hunter

Good advice, especially re embouchure development, hearing the sounds and 2-5-1 practice. With free downloadable goodness.
Pete Thomas (UK)
Excellent site packed full of free offers from top UK player and educator Pete Thomas. Check 'Fingering Exercises 1 & 2', diminished and whole tone patterns, cycle of fourths and more.
Excellent FREE site of audio lessons by pro saxophonists - many different exercises and approaches. Register free !
Sax on the Web
Technique-building ideas from a range of contributors including Tim Price, downloadable pdfs
Tim Price Online
Great exercises, ii-v7 studies and more from top sax educator Tim Price. Click on 'Lessons' for more details.
The Sax Shed
Scroll down to 'Tools in the Shed' for plenty of exercises on major and minor scales, modes, pentatonics, diminished, augmented scales
Farrell Vernon
Go to 'For IPFW Students'. A range of nice exercises including overtones, major and minor triad work, bebop scales, chords
Ward Baxter
Great 12 key scales, low/high exercises
Exercises using major, minor, pentatonics
Ryan Fraser
Some good technique-builders
Sax Lessons
Useful technique-builders, including many Klose etudes as pdfs. Including scale exercises - eg diminished scales and patterns.
Miles Osland
Heavy duty synthetic scale stuff. Deep


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