Monday, October 09, 2006

music theory for saxophonists

Music theory is an important tool for understanding patterns and symbols used to express musical ideas. There are several really good sites that cover alot.

Jazz Improv Primer
Scroll down for the most complete, indexed outline of jazz theory online, written by Marc Sabatella.
Online chord/scale reference - lots of scales/chords written out, with suggested substitutions
Aebersold Jazz Handbook
A free download, either in parts or in total. Jazz theory a la Mr Aebersold
Jazz Piano
Go to 'Jazz Lessons' and scroll down for 'The Basics' if you want an introduction to ii-V7-Is
Ricci Adam's
Comprehensive site - learn all about chords, scales and music symbols, plus various easy-to-use ear training programs on intervals, chords, triads etc. Even a manuscript (staff paper) generator which can be customized and printed out. Brilliant!


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