Monday, October 09, 2006

free software, playalongs

There is some useful stuff about available free for saxophone players.

A dozen or so great sounding progressions in various styles with concert chords. Many are downloadable for free. MP3 format.
Plenty of audio work-out material here - go to 'Practice Loops' top left for 2-5-1 major n minor loops, major n minor scales plus modes, a few standards (including All Blues and Impressions) and some modal patterns too.
Handy transcribing software, recommended by Michael Brecker - easy to use, get a 30-day free trial of Transcribe from Jazzwise and then either buy it as a download or as a CD-Rom. Available for Windows and Mac.
Jammer Pro
Go to 'Downloads' -> 'Demos'. Jammer is useful for hearing chord changes in various styles and creating your own playalongs. Like Band in a Box. This is a demo version with saving and looping disabled
Basic drum machine programme - easy to use


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