Saturday, October 14, 2006

saxophone mouthpieces & reeds

It's difficult to find impartial information about saxophone mouthpieces and reeds without having to wade through alot of ads for why you should buy this mouthpiece or these reeds etc. BUT amongst the ads, there's the good oil...

Mouthpiece discussion from SOTW
Categorized into saxophone type
Reed discussion from SOTW
5 pages of archived record of reed discussions
Mouthpiece facing chart
An explanation of what those numbers on the mouthpiece mean in comparison to other makes
Mouthpiece and Reed description #3
Great pics and explanation of the hows and whys of reeds and mouthpieces. Go to the respective links on left
Reed advice #2
How to break in a new reed
Reeds & Mouthpiece advice #1
General advice about reeds and mouthpieces (makes, strengths). Click on the respective categories left
Which mouthpieces the Pro's use
A dated run-down of who's using which mouthpiece


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