Saturday, October 14, 2006

playing saxophone and other wind instruments

Art of Saxophone Playing by Larry Teal
Switching to saxophone from other wind instruments can be tricky. There is a good outline in the book 'Art of Saxophone Playing' by Larry Teal (pic right) that outlines some of the challenges.

My opinion: If you're a clarinet player, you'll tend to bite on the saxophone mouthpiece, due to the 45 degree angle you hold the clarinet on and the strong embouchure used, especially the compression of the top and bottom lips. So you get a thin, sharp tone.
If you're a flautist, it's really a completely different embouchure. You'll be great at a fast airstream but the volume of air needed on sax is completely different. And there's the reed. There's very little resistance on flute to the air. As a sax player I find playing flute a real challenge - you've got to play every day to keep that little 'o' embouchure in check and if I don't I get a weak, airy tone that goes nowhere. Flute's hard. Big ups to those who can yak sax and toot floot.

Saxophone to Flute
A good article about changing from saxophone to flute
Flute to Saxophone
Larry Krantz on flutists transferring to saxophone. Enter->Various Flute Items->Comments on Doubling. A brilliant site for flute players btw


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